A single-use, premium valved disposable respirator featuring a full inner face seal and a pre-formed
nosebridge to offer enhanced comfort and protection against particulate hazards.


  • Cup shaped design
  • Exhalation valve reduces the amount of hot air inside the mask
  • Full inner face seal ensures excellent fit and enhanced comfort
  • P3 protection level
  • 20 x Assigned Protection Factor (APF)
  • Pre-formed nosebridge for enhanced comfort
  • Retains its shape even in extreme conditions
  • Single fully adjustable head strap
  • Meets Dolomite Clogging Test requirements to resist clogging for longe


Protects from very fine and highly toxic dusts, mists and fumes as well as oil/water based particulates.
Some suitable applications include:

• Battery manufacturing
• Construction
• Infection control
• Metalworking
• Mining
• Pharmaceuticals
• Ship building
• Underground civil engineering
• Waste disposal
• Woodworking