Standard Safety Lockout Tags

  • These highly visible safety tags aid the safe running and maintenance of site machinery. Each Tag is manufactured from high impact styrene / flexible polyester – resistant to water, oil and extreme temperatures, ensuring it will withstand a multitude of weather and factory conditions / harshest environments. Safety Tags – Solve all your valve, equipment and accident prevention marking needs.
  • Their surface allows you to write on them easily with a marker pen.
  • Semi-rigid plastic Tags of 0.5 / 0.7 mm thickness.
  • All the Tags can be attached with a Saf-T-Lock devices directly or they can be attached with the help of a Nylon Tie.
  • Individual workers use the DANGER TAG while working on the equipments.
  • Accident Prevention Tags are used to inform people of probable danger around particular machine or an area or to provide the safety instructions.


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